Hello, I'm Jessica John

Am a Licensed Nutritionist and am here to help you realize the best diet for you based on your body's requirements.

Healthy food
Healthy food

Have you struggled with getting an individualized meal plan that is suitable for you? Do you desire to eat healthy foods that boost your wellbeing? Healthy Bites offers a solution for you. Eating well goes beyond general information and requires Nutritional understanding. For proper nourishment of your body, you have to comprehend the interaction of different foods in the body. And that's the starting point!

Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Vegetables

What We offer

Weight Management Plans

Whether its weight loss or weight gain, we are here to provide a plan to help you meet your goal. The overall target is to achieve a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable.

Balanced Diet Tips

A balanced diet comprises carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Giving your body the nutrients it requires will ensure it functions properly. These tips help you stay informed! 

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Malkia Nutrition is your home of FOOD, INFORMATION, and LIFESTYLE to prevent and manage Non-Communicable / Lifestyle Diseases. We strive to offer solutions that are focused on dietary and lifestyle modifications to reverse or prevent lifestyle diseases

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